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My Story
The picture above is Rachel's ultimate transformation, 2011 to 2017! Rachel is a 25 year old healthy lifestyle mentor and entrepreneur. She has her Personal Training Certification through NCSF. 

The girl on the left was extremely unconfident and did everything in her power to have that "fit" body that you see everywhere on social media.
She did long cardio sessions, sometimes twice per day, and ate very little because she thought that's just what you did to lose weight!
She was struggling with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder. It was getting to the point in her life that something HAD to change. That was her only choice. 

The picture on the right is Rachel McGowan. Confident and healthy.
Rachel realized over time and that true health and fitness comes down to 3 things: using food as fuel, exercising out of celebration for the body, and uncovering the fears that are holding you back. When these 3 things come together, they form the most beautiful version of YOU that there can be.  

"I still can't believe that I am remaining healthy and confident while living a lifestyle that is truly so amazing. I know what it feels like to be unconfident and frustrated with myself. I know that many people feel the same way and it honestly hurts my heart.There is just NO time in your life to feel anything but empowered and healthy! I am sending you love and peace today." - Rachel McGowan

Soul Chaser Coaching is all about connecting both physical AND mental health to love yourself along your journey to health.

What Clients Say
The Soul Chaser Way
Looking for a program and accountability system that will help you lose weight AND keep it off?
Want a program that allows you to eat foods that you enjoy like pizza + ice cream?
Want to create the most powerful mindset possible so that you can always achieve your goals and live a happy life of purpose?
Soul Chaser Transformation Design
  • Customized workout and meal plans, updated biweekly
  •  Weekly 1:1 coaching with me via video chat to uncover the layers that are holding you back 
  •   24/7 on demand access for full support
  •  Tutorial videos for every exercise
  •  Recipe book for easy and fun cooking
  •  Resources and strategies to help you build lifelong healthy habits
  •  Gym and home workouts
  •  14 Day Money Back Guarantee (from day of payment)
I started Soul Chaser with 1 ultimate goal: to help women learn how to live a healthy lifestyle to become the best version of themselves and enjoy the entire journey.

You absolutely NEED to be a part of this tribe and I will tell you why! 

Life is so damn short. 
Why live it feeling unconfident and down on yourself?
Why not LOVE what you see in the mirror?!

There are reasons that other programs/diets/products did not work for you and it is not your fault! You were not given ALL of the right tools to succeed in your weight loss journey.
Soul Chaser gives you ALL of the right tools and they're yours forever!

*Meal plans and workout plans that are fun, exciting, and NEVER dull or bland. It is a system that works.
*Easy recipes for you to make every week if you would like. I know we all want variety.
*Schedule templates so you can have time for everything.
*Blueprint to help you with every single step of the way.


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